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Restaurant Critique

1st June 2018


This website was created to demonstrate our ability to design, create and maintain a progressive web application using the latest web technologies. The site allows users to add reviews to restaurants, or add a restaurant to the MongoDB database. They can also use WebRTC to take and upload photos to their reviews. has been implemented to allow reviews to appear immediately on a restaurant's page without the need to refresh. Google's JavaScript Maps API has been used in several places to geocode the user's location and the location of submitted restaurants. This allows users to find restaurants near them and obtain directions to them.


  • Restaurants must be searchable by keywords
  • Relevant restaurant information must be displayed on a single page (per restaurant)
  • New restaurants and reviews can be added
  • The server must use NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, WebRTC, Ajax, and at least once.
  • The final site must consist of high quality, well documented code


This was a team project: I worked with Rufus Cope and Greta Ramaneckaite to achieve a final score of 84/100. Restaurant Critique has been deployed here in the state at which it was handed in.