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JOGL Robot Hand

6th December 2017


This scene was created for my 3D Graphics module at university, and demonstrated knowledge of computer graphics. The project is mainly written in Java and makes use of the JOGL wrapper to use OpenGL for the scene and GLSL for the shaders.


These are the five main requirements of the assignment:

  • A hierarchical model of the hand and arm with each piece of the hand texture mapped, each with diffuse and specular highlights
  • The hand must be able to interpolate between four distinct keyframes
  • The room should also be texture mapped, with a window to an outside scene in one wall
  • There should be two lamps to provide light in the room
  • There must be a ring on one of the fingers, producing a spotlight


I was awarded 97/100 marks for this assignment, and the end result can be viewed in the YouTube video on this page.