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My Projects

Restaurant Critique 1

Restaurant Critique

A detailed NodeJS & Express app
Restaurant Critique 2

1st June 2018

One of my modules in university was named The Intelligent Web and was solely assessed on one assignment: the creation of a web app in NodeJS and Express. Users can create an account, search for restaurants, leave reviews and ratings amongst other features. The technologies include NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, WebRTC,, and Ajax.

Robot Render

LEGO Rubik's Cube Solver

Robot Picture

2nd May 2018

I spent the majority of my final year at university working on my dissertation project: "Analysis of Rubik’s Cube Solution Algorithms with a LEGO Mindstorms Robot". Because solving Rubik's Cube with a LEGO Mindstorms kit had been done before, I decided that I would use it as a tool to analyse solving methods and attempt to produce a final optimised solution that would work with my robot.

Robot Hand 1

JOGL Robot Hand

Demonstration of JOGL for an assignment
Robot Hand 2

6th December 2017

The assignment involved using modern OpenGL to render a scene. The scene includes a hierarchical model which is represented as a scene graph. The hierarchical model can animate into different positions to demonstrate the relations between nodes in the graph.

This is a JOGL-based scene of an Art Gallery with a large Robot Hand dominating the room. The hand can be controlled with a number of buttons present in the applet.


Landslide Database

Rails global event tracker

30th April 2017

Ruby on Rails web-based database for categorising landslide events. Data can be submitted, viewed, and exported by users globally. I was appointed project leader and managed 4 other team members to achieve a score of 96% in the project. It was created by liaising with a real client.