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Will Garside

Software Engineer


First Class CompSci Graduate

Things I've Done

Software Developer

Chetwood Financial Limited

Chetwood Financial is a UK-based bank whose purpose is 'Using technology to make people better off'. We design and manufacture digital products across financial services, putting the customer first in everything we do.

I am one of three developers at Chetwood, tasked with creating and maintaining websites that are robust enough to handle a wide range of browsers and devices but still flexible enough to make core changes with ease.

BSc Computer Science

University of Sheffield

I studied Computer Science for three years in Sheffield, where I covered topics such as Computer Security, 3D Graphics, and Human Centred Systems Design.

Uni was without a doubt the best three years of my life: not only did I grow and develop as a person, but also learnt as much as I could about Computer Science and the surrounding disciplines.

Knowledge Hub

Business Comparison

In the January of 2018 I did a week of work experience at Digitonomy in Chester, in which I created a knowledge hub for their website

I extended their existing website with OctoberCMS to create a knowledge hub for people involved in the running of a business to read FAQs and articles. The pages of the site are built to dynamically update when articles are added and deleted, in order to give users the best experience.

Technical Skills

Web Development

  • NodeJS
  • Django
  • Ruby on Rails


  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Java
  • C++

Systems and Tech

  • SQL / SQLite
  • MongoDB
  • Git / GitHub
  • Webpack
  • ReactJS

My Other Projects

Restaurant Critique 1

Restaurant Critique

A detailed NodeJS & Express app
Restaurant Critique 2
Robot Render

LEGO Rubik's Cube Solver

Robot Picture
Robot Hand 1

JOGL Robot Hand

Demonstration of JOGL for an assignment
Robot Hand 2

Landslide Database

Rails global event tracker